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How to Become a Superstar

Before I got into sneakers, I've started being into music, especially everything hip hop and "urban" and even had a couple of jobs in that type of industry. But nothing crazy - chill. I'm not an A&R, I'm not affiliated to any type of label, so please stay away from sending me you soundcloud, spotify, mixtape etc. I won't be able to help you for shit. But in case you have ambitions in becoming some type of artist, don't ever forget the marketing. Your image can be the most important thing about you and can cause you big success or the exact opposite. There are artists who have hits and singles that work but never break through because everything but their music is not on point. Artists who have enough talent to create their own lane but prefer to chase trends and make commercial sounding music instead, because they finally need a successful record. Trust me, I get it and I won't knock anyone's hustle, but when do you finally start thinking like…