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Realest Shit I Ever Wrote

Everyone who knows me knows that I usually don’t talk a lot about my struggles. Yeah I’ve been through things, how everyone has. Nothing crazy. Everyone has his little package to carry and while sometimes it might be easier it can be very hard when further things happen and you just feel like you are suffocating. You feel like all of the energy you had is empty. Not knowing what to do first. Or even worse: you can’t change anything about it. The lost of control is something so uncomfortable to me, that it kills my focus. Everything is under control, my job, my life in general. But there’s one thing I can’t  change. This messes with my head a lot. It’s like a virus which destructs my hard drive. Little by little. Day by day. In the past I’ve been removing everything that bothers me. Always. Often I’ve seemed very cold or anti social. But that’s a wrong assessment of my Charakter. I’m not cold and I like to be with people - who care just as much as I do. When there’s not full reciprocit…