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Kanye Is My Idol!

Okay okay, you need to relax! Some people love Kanye West and some hate them. It's okay. Me personally I don't care about his personal life. No, well actually I think he's a genius. A musical genius for sure. And he's a crazy opinionated person. So am I, so I think he's dope. I would love to sit down with him and have a conversation.
Well but this blog is more about sneakers and "fashion" if you could say so. So what I actually mean is, that I noticed how I don't really have female style role models. I mean, sure... I look to the left and right and see what women with a similar body type wear and try to get inspiration, but i still always tend to take a look at what Kanye is wearing lately.
Not because he has a similar body type ... haha... but because I like taking some men's pieces and combining them with my own swag. Maybe with a skirt, or some tight jeans or... honestly speaking... with sweatpants. I'm wearing sweatpants the majority of the time. I don't know how people can wear regular pants most of the time... so uncomfy.

Honestly speaking I don't feel like showing my body all the time. I'm cool with walking around with baggy clothes, looking like I'm wearing a big ol bag. I'm cool with it. And it doesn't have to do with me being self concious or so. Sure. I don't feel like everything about me is super sexy, but I think as long as I still got dudes sliding in my dm's, I'm aight.

So the following outfit is so oversized, I could move into that jacket bruh. Like legit, have a one bedroom, living room, bathroom appartement and still have some space where i can move around, randomly, without a reason.
Jacket is by Vetement - honestly, not mine. I borrowed it from one of my closest amigos. Not balling that much, yet. The pants are by NIKE sportswear. It's from their women's Techfleece line and also oversized. The shirt is sheer, from Weekdays and oversized as wellt. Shoes are the Nike Off-White Vapormax. Got 'em for retail, wanted to resell, tried on, got high on my own supply. What should I say? I'm weak like mofo.
My hair is pulled back and my make up rather functional than swaggy. Natural lips, contouring, highlighter and some shit that'll make my skin look nice. Okay, no actually I'm very good at make up, although no one believes it, because I don't always wear make up. So even when I sometimes look like there's not a lot on, I'm probably wearing a shitton of products.

So. I wanted to make this a super creative piece where I talk about society and fashion and bla and yeah I fell off. but whatever, Enjoy my G.

Pics are by Arif Baynaz, my ride or die homie who shaved lately and looked like he was 11. Beard is
coming back - mashallah.