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Kanye Is My Idol!

Okay okay, you need to relax! Some people love Kanye West and some hate them. It's okay. Me personally I don't care about his personal life. No, well actually I think he's a genius. A musical genius for sure. And he's a crazy opinionated person. So am I, so I think he's dope. I would love to sit down with him and have a conversation.
Well but this blog is more about sneakers and "fashion" if you could say so. So what I actually mean is, that I noticed how I don't really have female style role models. I mean, sure... I look to the left and right and see what women with a similar body type wear and try to get inspiration, but i still always tend to take a look at what Kanye is wearing lately.
Not because he has a similar body type ... haha... but because I like taking some men's pieces and combining them with my own swag. Maybe with a skirt, or some tight jeans or... honestly speaking... with sweatpants. I'm wearing sweatpants the majority of th…