I've noticed that barely anyone knows how my body actually looks like. I usually wear oversized stuff and I cover it all up. Well I've gained some weight lately (super weird, super quickly, something hormonal going on) so I cover it all up even more.
So here, for the first time, you can kinda see my body lol.
On feet I got the FILA Cage. I love this shoe and it's so slept on. I am low-key brand crossing with a NIKE crop top I got from my girl Aurielle when I visited her. Love it.
So, location is a bench right behind my house and the jeans jacket was a gift from Tessy while the skirt is super old.
Socks by Stance as usual. Make up by moi. Beauty YouTube career pending.

Man, I don't know what to say - enjoy and let me know what you think.
P.S.: There were issues with the focus - sorry - forgive me. Just act like it's on purpose and artsy.
Thank you. Love you.
P.P.S.: Scroll down completely if you wanna see BOOOTAAAEEEE :D


Growing Up

BRUUUUUH! It's been a while. I fell back my G. What have I missed? Who graduated? Who became father? Who became a mom? Who's turned into a sneaker head? Who stopped being a sneaker head?
So, leggo. Yeah I know using "leggo" isn't very on vogue anymore. Whatever. 
So here are the news on my end: I got a tattoo now and it blew out cause my skin too soft. Luckiest bish alive. I know. 
Also, I've cut my hair and am back to brown. Well dark brown. Actually my hair grew back and I've cut it again today. Needed it. Feel better now. 
I'm still single. Forever it feels like. Well you know... I get a little bit of love in the DMs every now and then, but no one lives where I live. Well fuck it. My mouth is too smart and my personality sucks man. Also I got trust issues. Well actually I have many issues, BUT I'm at least aware of it. 
A few weeks ago I thought I had to grow up because I'm hot headed and low-key passive aggressive from time to time. Not so passive but aggressive on other days. So I shopped and copped some heeled boots. Wore em once. Hurt my feet. Put them back into the box and wore em again for you yesterday. Just to take pics in it. Maybe I'll wear them again today - in case I should go out of the house. 
Honestly, they didn't help me growing up... I've told a new acquaintance the same story. He's said: don't people usually start wearing cozier stuff as they age? My response was: how should I get cozier? I'm wearing sweatpants, to a meeting!

Long story short: this is me in non-sneakers wearing kind of a sweater/dress. 
Also, I took the shots behind my house because I was too lazy to go somewhere far away. I also didn't edit the pics and honestly they all look kinda the same but ayoooo the shoes are different tho.

Love you