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Ginger Fall Mood

Obviously what's interesting about this is my hair. I've dyed it because I felt like I've changed.... a lot. I seriously can't go a whole post without quoting DJ Khaled at least ones but I mean...I'm a young legend, if you take a picture with your phone, save it - my favorite quote hahahaha I LOVE IT!
Okay so, I'm a ginger now. It was supposed to be a slightly darker cool red tone but I still like the result. I got it made by a friend who's obviously a hair dresser and the Olaplex or Keraphlex or however it's called definitely kept my hair from being too damaged - wild if you consider how dark my hair used to be and how light it is now. Also I've left my roots rather dark. I wanted it like this to make the outgrowth more manageable. I also got my bangs back. I love bangs.

New hair - new shoes. This is an older release of the Puma Fenty Creeper and I missed out when it first released because I thought it would look awkward on me and I'm very happy I could get it. The rest are a long top from the H&M men's section and a coat by Diesel.

Goldie. The make up is pretty simple. I've put some goldish eye shadow on the eyelids and a dark red lipstick on my... Yeah right... lips. I feel like warm hues match the hair color perfectly and I like the outcome. I look like a pumpkin and I'm cool with it.

Let me know what you think.


  1. well well well, you finally did it!!!! HA HA look'n mad fresh yo! -keep up the heavy post's you kill'n it!


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