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The Pair that has Started it All

It's always cool and very interesting to see reviews and pictures of latest pick ups, but I’ve decided to go way back this time. Which pair of shoes could be called the first one of my collection? What has started it all? Obviously it's pretty hard to actually decide which exact moment it was in the past, but if I think back, this pair of shoes used to be one of the pairs I [still] own which I've loved to death. This pair of Nike Air Force I low has made me feel fresh while wearing it. You have to understand, I used to get bullied as a child and have always been some type of outcast at school and my headphones and my Discman used to be my most loyal companions. My elder cousins and my sister have once introduced me to Hip Hop and Basketball so actually owning a pair of shoes that could easily be worn by Jay-Z, Nelly or Dr. Dre was huge for me. I felt like a million bucks. Weird how my fashion role models used to be men - I used to be a tomboy growing up and female MC's used to dress very sexy when I was in my teens. I couldn't go to school in a Lil' Kim outfit at the age of 14 so I tended to like what Missy Elliott or DaBrat and the men would wear. 
The shoe itself is now 11 years old and that's what it looks like. Since the outer sole broke a few months ago I've stopped wearing them. The Sole is yellow and the toe box full of creases - I love it! Although many people hate yellow midsoles I believe that they bring a certain charm to the shoe. Everyone sees how old they are and you can tell that the sneakers haave history. They literally went through a lot and are connected to hundreds of stories. 
Back then I didn't have many dozens of shoes; I had exactly 2 pairs that I would wear all the time. So just think of what these shoes have been through: Kanye West playing the College Dropout, a DMX concert, myself on stage for the first time, first time dancing with a boy, my first time smoking weed [ yea yea, I used to be a regular teen bro, no reason to be shocked]. Basketball practice and Basketball games, but also my first injury that forced me to stay away from the court for months and the second that forced me to quit for years, You don't only walk in your shoes, but you live in them and that's what these kicks stand for. They are representative of a time of my life when things were harder, but also more exciting. When there was still enthusiasm and the possibility to discover new things day by day.

This is my pair of shoes. The one pair that has started it all. What is yours?






  1. DOPE! It's crazy how after all these years, the AF1 is still relevant- so you gonna call me out huh HA HA ok, I got you!


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