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Swoosh on Steroids

I obviously have a new pick up. Okay, who follows me on Instagram knows that I have more like 5 new pick ups and, in case you keep up with me on the Snap, you probably know that I should stop fronting and be honest about having about 10 new pick ups...Yeah...Anyways...
I've copped the Nike Big Swoosh about a week ago and have been wearing it about 4 times since then. Quite often, for someone who might rotate through 2 to 3 pairs of shoes within the same day (!).

So, let's break down this shoe's DNA: While the midsole obiously reminds of the Nike Air Max 2 CB 94, the no-lace upper with the zipper could be reminiscent of the Zoom Flight 98 "The Glove". The minimalistic yet bold silhouette, is topped with a HUGE backwards swoosh - just like our 90s Bulls fans know from Rodman's Nike Air Darwin. All of the mentioned styles used to have a very futuristic feel, back when they used to be releasde for the first time.
What I appreciate about the outcome is how different elements, which originally come from a past time, can result into a sneaker that looks new and fresh, without resigning the retro basketball kicks feel we all love so much.

Instead of going with a "basketball babe"- outfit which would've probably been the easiest option to pick, I went with a totally feminine style and kept some athletic elements. I've paired a grey Nike sports bra to a silky maxi skirt, usually worn in a more elegant way. On top I wore a thin bomber by Undefeated made of mesh and renews a basketball type of vibe in a subtle way. When it comes to colors I've kept it simple - white, black, grey. As simple as my outfit is, I've went bold with the styling. I've opted for sleek, straight hair, strong, neutral eyes and bold lipstick in the color Heroine by Mac Cosmetics.

This time I've worked with my almost-cousin, Marcello Bartolotta. You know how we Italians are, we are all cousins, aunts and uncles. Haha. No but really, Marcello's parents and my parents have been friends since they were teenagers, so we grew up together.
I like his style a lot. He works a lot with focus, blur and adds depth and different levels to his pictures.

Let me know if you like the pictures, the outfit and what you think about the Nike Big Swoosh.