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New Yeezy Alert!?

Update: Kim has just snapped a toddler version of the next Yeezy. Will those be available to the public, too or just stay a West exclusive?  

Just like the previous Yeezy releases, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have been wearing them shortly before they dropped.
5 hours ago a new pair of adidas Yeezy Boost were snapped by Kim, without any caption or comment. The model we are talking about is the Yeezy SPLY-350 in, what could be considered an adapted Turtle Dove colorway with a translucent sole which might be glow in the dark. The Primeknit seems to be knitted a little more losely and reminds of the one used on the notorious adidas Ultraboost which conquered the world by storm thanks to its incredible comfort!
Is this the next Yeezy Boost releasing? Cop or Drop? Let me know in the comment section or shoot me a tweet. 

Swoosh on Steroids

I obviously have a new pick up. Okay, who follows me on Instagram knows that I have more like 5 new pick ups and, in case you keep up with me on the Snap, you probably know that I should stop fronting and be honest about having about 10 new pick ups...Yeah...Anyways...
I've copped the Nike Big Swoosh about a week ago and have been wearing it about 4 times since then. Quite often, for someone who might rotate through 2 to 3 pairs of shoes within the same day (!).

So, let's break down this shoe's DNA: While the midsole obiously reminds of the Nike Air Max 2 CB 94, the no-lace upper with the zipper could be reminiscent of the Zoom Flight 98 "The Glove". The minimalistic yet bold silhouette, is topped with a HUGE backwards swoosh - just like our 90s Bulls fans know from Rodman's Nike Air Darwin. All of the mentioned styles used to have a very futuristic feel, back when they used to be releasde for the first time.
What I appreciate about the outcome is how differe…

The Pair that has Started it All

It's always cool and very interesting to see reviews and pictures of latest pick ups, but I’ve decided to go way back this time. Which pair of shoes could be called the first one of my collection? What has started it all? Obviously it's pretty hard to actually decide which exact moment it was in the past, but if I think back, this pair of shoes used to be one of the pairs I [still] own which I've loved to death. This pair of Nike Air Force I low has made me feel fresh while wearing it. You have to understand, I used to get bullied as a child and have always been some type of outcast at school and my headphones and my Discman used to be my most loyal companions. My elder cousins and my sister have once introduced me to Hip Hop and Basketball so actually owning a pair of shoes that could easily be worn by Jay-Z, Nelly or Dr. Dre was huge for me. I felt like a million bucks. Weird how my fashion role models used to be men - I used to be a tomboy growing up and female MC's…

Introducing Shootsnapper: Camo and Dungarees

This time my talented photographer and I have switched the roles and I stepped behind the camera to take photos of her outfit. Obviously she is into fashion and sneakers just like me. Plus she's gorgeous and has got swag. Here's how Miriam aka Shootsnapper has explained her choice of weapons:

As a photographer you always have to be free to move quickly which is why I hardly wear heels. Sometimes you have to climb on things or stay in odd positions, so wearing sneakers is more than a fashion choice. I love kicks that aren't on everyone's feet because I think autheticity and individuality are important. Since I'm into simple, comfortable outfits, I don't mind adding a little extra to it with a pair of catchy sneakers. These Puma Trinomic with a camo upper were a steal that I could grab at TJ Maxx. The camo pattern definitely gives them quite a bold look, which I enjoy. I love khaki hues so these are right up my alley. Besides the shoes, the clothes have to be jus…