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Introducing Shootsnapper: Camo and Dungarees

This time my talented photographer and I have switched the roles and I stepped behind the camera to take photos of her outfit. Obviously she is into fashion and sneakers just like me. Plus she's gorgeous and has got swag. Here's how Miriam aka Shootsnapper has explained her choice of weapons:

As a photographer you always have to be free to move quickly which is why I hardly wear heels. Sometimes you have to climb on things or stay in odd positions, so wearing sneakers is more than a fashion choice.
I love kicks that aren't on everyone's feet because I think autheticity and individuality are important. Since I'm into simple, comfortable outfits, I don't mind adding a little extra to it with a pair of catchy sneakers. These Puma Trinomic with a camo upper were a steal that I could grab at TJ Maxx. The camo pattern definitely gives them quite a bold look, which I enjoy. I love khaki hues so these are right up my alley. Besides the shoes, the clothes have to be just as comfortable and allow uncommon movements when I'm photographing. The dungarees are perfect. I can stash my phone or small pieces of equipment such as a lens cap in the front pocket - super handy.
Hoop earrings are a must for me and have been my signature jewelery for over 15 years.

Styling, Make-Up, Postproduction: Miriam aka Shootsnapper
Photos: Piera