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All Black Errthang

Although I usually don't like Air Jordan I's because they are super uncomfortable to me, I've been willing to try these on and was an instant fan. The canvas upper, the colorway (I LOVE BLACK) and the thicker white sole that is the same used on the Nike Vandals made it for me. Big shoutout to TJ from The Good Will Out for always searching through their store-room and dig out something no one expects them to still have in stock.
Since I love to wear clean looks I went with an all black outfit. My advice for monochrome looks is to play with fabrics and finishes - I've combined a cotton hoodie to skinny pants with a satin finish, a snap back with a leather brim and my new Air Jordan 1 KO in the "Shadow" colorway. The different textures like cotton, leather and even the canvas of the shoes give the outfit depth and prevent it from looking flat. I love the grey detailing and how it makes the Wings logo pop.

How do you like all black outfits and what color do you love for monochrome outfits? Show me your outfits by tagging #pieraskicks on Instagram and inspire me to try out something new :)


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