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Are these the Classics of the Future?

A few weeks ago, the revelation of the Air Jordan XXX has taken place and changed from foretelling to fact, and of course, every time a new Jordan releases people debate about it being one of the future Retros. 'Are those the shoes that we will wear 20 years from now just like we wear Jordan 4s, 5s, and 11s?' Answering this question would not only mean to predict the future, but also predict the forthcoming of the Air Jordan legacy. And to think even further, will the Air Jordan signature line stay as relevant or will it be replaced by another athlete's signature shoe? Nike has communicated that successful signature lines won't end with the athlete's career as they have announced a Kobe XI regardless of his retirement. So will the Kobe eventually be the Air Jordan of the future? Or will it be the LeBron or the KD? Not to forget that the Curry One has been the first Under Armour shoe to ever sell out and have fans camp out to buy it. It even has a resell market. Is…