Ginger Fall Mood

Obviously what's interesting about this is my hair. I've dyed it because I felt like I've changed.... a lot. I seriously can't go a whole post without quoting DJ Khaled at least ones but I mean...I'm a young legend, if you take a picture with your phone, save it - my favorite quote hahahaha I LOVE IT!
Okay so, I'm a ginger now. It was supposed to be a slightly darker cool red tone but I still like the result. I got it made by a friend who's obviously a hair dresser and the Olaplex or Keraphlex or however it's called definitely kept my hair from being too damaged - wild if you consider how dark my hair used to be and how light it is now. Also I've left my roots rather dark. I wanted it like this to make the outgrowth more manageable. I also got my bangs back. I love bangs.

New hair - new shoes. This is an older release of the Puma Fenty Creeper and I missed out when it first released because I thought it would look awkward on me and I'm very happy I could get it. The rest are a long top from the H&M men's section and a coat by Diesel.

Goldie. The make up is pretty simple. I've put some goldish eye shadow on the eyelids and a dark red lipstick on my... Yeah right... lips. I feel like warm hues match the hair color perfectly and I like the outcome. I look like a pumpkin and I'm cool with it.

Let me know what you think.


Puma Ninja

I have a confession to make...while many girls wished they were princesses or whatever I honestly would love to be a ninja, or an Assassin. One like in Assasin's Creed. Unfortunately I can barely stand on one leg for 3 seconds before I'll just fall over and probably hurt myself because that's all I do. All day, every day.
BUT, thank the lord for clothes and fashion and black! I LOVE BLACK CLOTHES! And no. I will not wear more color so I look happier. What's that fuss about?
SO! For this look I went with a black on black Puma Stampd hoody made off thin neoprene and the all black Puma Fenty Creepers. The skinnies are by H&M and obviously ripped but oh well. Under the Hoody I'm wearing a longsleeve with split sides which goes all the way down to the knees... assassin, remember? The only part of the outfit that comes with a little bit of color, are the black and white stance socks with pasley pattern. The jacket is by HUF by the way.

I've put on hella make up and went with a defined contour. I wanted to look angry and harsh and feel like I made it. My hair is braided into messy boxer braids. Short ones, open in the back to avoid to look too much like a Kardashian although I wouldn't mind to look like Kim.
There's Nyx Liquid Suede in Vintage on my lips, in case you are wondering.

So let me know what you think aye.


90s Babies

When Tina from Lana Lankowski and I sat down together to plan a collaboration, the motto was obvious right away. We both lobe the 90's and especially 90's hip hop and r'n'b. I love the style from back in the days and the fact that I've bought a Tommy Hilfiger varsity jacket a week earlier was the perfect coincidence.
I went with an Aaliyah-Left Eye-saggy pants-and-crop top-look. I don't need to always wear tight stuff to feel sexy...actually I love to pair tomboy things with a sexy make up or a crop top to accentuate my waste.
The shoes had to obviously be just as 90's - Air Force 180 in the Olympic colorway. This is the 2012 release and has a flaw I've noticed way too late. I got over it, but definitely wear these as beaters rather than heat.
So let's go ahead with Tina. Obviously Timbs were a must and we're matching perfectly with the pilot jacket. I loved her Beastin' hoodie and the combination with the light denim jeans is right up my alley.
So nice that the other half of team Lana, Nina, gave those pic a vintage type of look. <3
So enjoy our interpretations of the 90's and thanks to the bae tina from Lana Lankowski. Check them out.



As a sneakerhead who's always trying to keep it in control and remind herself, that no one needs to own that many pairs of shoes I always enjoy steals for different reasons.

1. You know you haven't overpayed.
2. It's always cool to save that extra coin.
3. My guilty conciensce isn't as loud as Eminem in that song.
4. It always feels like an accomplishment when you get a steal. You know what I'm talking about....Come on...you know what I talk about 😏
So there are many ways to go with that bargain flow.

NikeLab Dunk Lux High - 50€ instead of 150 €

1. Clearance Hustle
Going to clearance stores can literally be a hassle. You drive out somewhere for many minutes, are ready to spend some money and then suddenly, oh snap, nothing that's worth actually spending it on. Only old, trash sneakers no one wants in sizes no one can wear. Hold on, what if that's actually your size? You are either very small or tall? Well then go to that clearance store and find a lot of dope stuff.

New Balance 990 Made in USA - 50 € instead of 180 €

2. Have Patience
There's a thing about patience - I don't have any. Seriously. No. Patience. At. All. Ask any person who I've ever texted with in my life and took more than 5 to answer. Wait... Yeah, they are gone. Out of my circle. I can't with y'all. I JUST CAN'T!
I have the patience of a 3 years old at a grocery store. A cranky one. Who's standing in the candy section... Except for when it comes to shoes. I have I'm between a size 8 and 8.5 which are the sizes who are too big for women and too small for man and often go on clearance. 6 out of 10 times the store still has a last pair of something. And it's probably a size 8 or 8.5 and we all know stores want to get rid of last pairs and cut the prize on those. So patience is key. They don't want us to win. They don't want us to buy cheap kicks. Sorry... I got carried away. WE THE BEST MUSIC... Sorry... had to.

Nike Air Trainer Max '94 PRM QS EA Sports - 60 € instead of 160 (on eBay for 250)

3. Be Nice
This might be underrated as heck, but be nice to the employes. If they see that you are a nice customer they will want to satisfy you and have you coming back. So treat others how you want to be treaten. Golden rule and ish... you know...dropping gems today. Grab a pen and a sheet and take notes, youngster.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 - 50€ insted of 140€

4. Be Loyal To a Store
This one kinda has to do with number 3. If you always go to the same store ( that doesn't go through 7 employes a week ) you might be treated differently after a few times visiting. Have a chat, say hi and come back if you like the store and you'll build an almost friendly relationship which will lead to having a plug and maybe someone informing you about heat buried somewhere. Or they'll go an find something for you. Plus you get to know new people that you actually like and are sneakerheads as well.  WIN!

Air Jordan 1 KO - 100€ instead of 140 


New Yeezy Alert!?

Update: Kim has just snapped a toddler version of the next Yeezy. Will those be available to the public, too or just stay a West exclusive?  


Just like the previous Yeezy releases, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have been wearing them shortly before they dropped.
5 hours ago a new pair of adidas Yeezy Boost were snapped by Kim, without any caption or comment. The model we are talking about is the Yeezy SPLY-350 in, what could be considered an adapted Turtle Dove colorway with a translucent sole which might be glow in the dark. The Primeknit seems to be knitted a little more losely and reminds of the one used on the notorious adidas Ultraboost which conquered the world by storm thanks to its incredible comfort!
Is this the next Yeezy Boost releasing? Cop or Drop? Let me know in the comment section or shoot me a tweet. 


Swoosh on Steroids

I obviously have a new pick up. Okay, who follows me on Instagram knows that I have more like 5 new pick ups and, in case you keep up with me on the Snap, you probably know that I should stop fronting and be honest about having about 10 new pick ups...Yeah...Anyways...
I've copped the Nike Big Swoosh about a week ago and have been wearing it about 4 times since then. Quite often, for someone who might rotate through 2 to 3 pairs of shoes within the same day (!).

So, let's break down this shoe's DNA: While the midsole obiously reminds of the Nike Air Max 2 CB 94, the no-lace upper with the zipper could be reminiscent of the Zoom Flight 98 "The Glove". The minimalistic yet bold silhouette, is topped with a HUGE backwards swoosh - just like our 90s Bulls fans know from Rodman's Nike Air Darwin. All of the mentioned styles used to have a very futuristic feel, back when they used to be releasde for the first time.
What I appreciate about the outcome is how different elements, which originally come from a past time, can result into a sneaker that looks new and fresh, without resigning the retro basketball kicks feel we all love so much.

Instead of going with a "basketball babe"- outfit which would've probably been the easiest option to pick, I went with a totally feminine style and kept some athletic elements. I've paired a grey Nike sports bra to a silky maxi skirt, usually worn in a more elegant way. On top I wore a thin bomber by Undefeated made of mesh and renews a basketball type of vibe in a subtle way. When it comes to colors I've kept it simple - white, black, grey. As simple as my outfit is, I've went bold with the styling. I've opted for sleek, straight hair, strong, neutral eyes and bold lipstick in the color Heroine by Mac Cosmetics.

This time I've worked with my almost-cousin, Marcello Bartolotta. You know how we Italians are, we are all cousins, aunts and uncles. Haha. No but really, Marcello's parents and my parents have been friends since they were teenagers, so we grew up together.
I like his style a lot. He works a lot with focus, blur and adds depth and different levels to his pictures.

Let me know if you like the pictures, the outfit and what you think about the Nike Big Swoosh.