Nike x Acronym Part II?

A shoe that hasn't ever been seen before has appeared on the Internet. It's clear that it's a collab with Acronym, but when is it supposed to release? And how has a pair landed on ebay?
The shoe itself is even more unique and creative as the other. While the first NikeLab x Acronym Air Force I was a low top, this time the brand's have opted for a boot version that's for some part made of Tech Fleece.
I'm very curious about what's going on here. Check out the pictures below.

via solecollector.com


Should Media Outlets Grow Up?

Sneakerheads have been around for a minute. I believe that this massive wave of collectors started with the first Jordan release in the mid 80's.
The Jordan I Chicago was before Air Maxes, the Pumps, the Stackhouses and the Foams. It was the first shoe that cats really wanted to have. Of course his look wasn't the only reason for its popularity; the Air Jordan I was the signature shoe of the biggest uprising  talent in the history of basketball, and everyone who was linked to basketball or even not, wanted to have a piece of the legacy that started right by that time.
In order to really conciously experience that time, you had to be an older kid or even a teenager or adult during that era. Otherwise you probably just have some blurred memories about it.
So if I do my math, the "OG-sneakerhead" should be around the age of 40, at least, if not older. With this told my question is, should the sneaker media outlets grow up with the sneakerhead or should they always stress on tackling the audience who's next in line? Should we rather be authentic and adult and maybe put out more mature content instead of jumping on every trend and hype?
The audience that is mostly served by many of the footwear blogs is the audience between 14 and 21, I would say. But are those the people that buy sneakers for what they are or are those the people that just try to stay hip?
I believe that you can't generalize it but I've also noticed that the way I buy kicks has changed over the years. While I used to tell myself that I liked Jordans and Nikes, shoes that had some type of buzz obviously, I don't do it anymore. My "collection", if that's how you want to call it, is more versatile than ever. These days I make my decision not only on buzz but on whether I like the shoe as a whole. Is the colorway cool? Do I like the model? And if yes I'll go to my favorite boutique and take a look at the it in person. I'll feel the material, try it on and scan the shoe for flaws. If comfort, quality and look don't fulfill my expectations I'll pass.
I assume that many "older" people would somehow decide about cop or drop in a similar way. I know how tough I am on many products, but I just don't like to buy something that I will be unhappy with. I have more shoes than any person on this planet would ever need. Probably one day I'll have more shoes than some people would ever own throughout their lives, which is why I don't believe in buying something because of another person's opinion. I don't resell shoes either. If I don't want something for me, I won't take away the chance to somebody else who does. But that's me and I don't judge others for having another mind state than mine. I know people who live off of reselling and I understand their hustle.
But back to my question. After thinking about all those things and evaluating how much difference there is between youngsters who like sneakers and day one or two or three sneakerheads, should the media put out more mature content?
I think yes and no. On the one hand, I would love to read things that speak to me a little bit more. Content that might secondguesses every now and then and speaks on quality as much as on looks. On the other hand I think it's cool that the kids enjoy sneakers. Even if they enjoy them in another way and they look for other things, they will grow just as we did and will probably come to the same conclusions.