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The Future is (almost) Now!

There's been a craze around the whole Back To the Future story for weeks now. While general media was talking about Marty McFly's possible rerun and the Hoverboard, the sneaker media went h.a.m about the notorious Nike MAG. The shoe that the main character was wearing in the movie's second part, was rumored to be released today.
There is actually a Nike MAG, which was received by Michael J. Fox today and features Power Laces. The actor will stay the only one to own one for a few more month. The  Nike MAG will be sold throigh a charity auction in support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the fight against Parkinson's.
I'm very happy with this solution. Since people are willing to spend very high prices for the shoe it's only right, to use its potential for a good cause.

Read more and watch Michael J. Fox trying out the Power Laces via here.