"White on white Air Force Ones Mids is where I started" – Sole De Vida

In times, where you often see so called "models" wearing sneakers and a thong, it's very refreshing to know that there are women like Sole De Vida out there. Ivelisse, who was the first female doing sneaker reviews on YouTube, is one of those women who doesn't need to show her body to get attention. She stands for empowerment and knowledge instead of sex sells and "hateration". Read the interview with a strong, intelligent woman who is more than a sneaker collector.

How many pairs do you have?
At one point I was up to 275...I have about half of that now... downsizing.

Which one of your pairs is your favorite?
It is hard to just pick one…. But I would have to say my Nike SB “Huxtables”

Which pair of the ones you don't have is your favorite? What are you on the hunt for? 
That is a long list but to just pick one off the top of my head, I would have to say Jordan 4 Fears

When did you start collecting sneakers and why? I've seen an interview where you talked about your older cousin having fancy sneakers and you wanted them, too. Is that kind of right?
I think the true deep down inside reason (which I never expressed before) was because of how they made me feel. I grew up with low self-esteem and putting on the fresh pair of kicks made me feel like somebody. My cousin was cool and she would dress me up in her clothes when we would go out and from there, it stuck.

Is there a specific shoe you feel like you've started your collection with?
White on white Air Force Ones Mids is where I started… I didn’t get into Jordan’s until I was 14.
What do you think about the big importance given to sneakers these days? Do you feel like people are taking it too far (high resell prices, camp out, shoe as status symbols?.
The sneaker scene is crazy! I was never in tune with the sneaker scene until 2010 and from then to now, there has been significant change.  People really are letting sneakers define them, yes while I was young and felt cool in my sneakers, I still knew that I was the one to make the sneakers and not the sneakers make me.  Resellers are vultures looking for a sale. Camp outs I assume can be fun, but all the fighting has to stop.

What motivates you to buy a shoe? Hype? Looks? Emotional attachment? Does it remind you of something in your past?
I guess I would say all of the above. Hype drives my buying the least but I have to include it because now a day’s HYPE DRIVES A LOT! Looks would be number 1. I am big on how a sneaker looks on my foot. I love a lot of styles but if they bulky, I won’t buy them.

Why have you started doin video reviews on sneakers? 
Ouu good question. I was looking to fill a void in my life (my husband and I were separated because of work) and I turned to my sneakers and they lead me to the Internet. From there I found forums but they were a letdown. I found a sneaker blog and I came across some male reviewers and I was impressed. I then started to search for females. I came across one, but she was not reviewing them. With some convincing from a female friend, I decided that I would break the ice and start making videos.  I was super nervous!! But 4 years later my videos still play on the Internet.

Since you have GS-Size,  how bad is it to have to pass on some shoes? And how do you feel about GS- Releases often being very in girly colors?

It sucks that sometimes I have to pass on shoes.
I was actually worst when I was younger because female sneaker collectors were not even a thought. As time went on, we were thrown a bone and an overly obnoxious girly sneaker. I would think to myself, I am not 6 years old. Those colors do not mesh well with my grown up lady wardrobe. Lol. So I have always stuck with the border line male/female color ways. 

Does it annoy you when the shoe in your size is slightly different than the one in bigger sizes ( like for example with the Powder Blue 3's)?
 I actually like it. I have received comments from guys that they wish they had my version. There are some downsizes of course, materials are not the same but overall I like the model differences.

Do you feel way less feminine looking when you wear sneakers versus heels? 
It depends on the sneakers. There are some sneakers that can be pulled off to be girly depending on what you wear, and there are others that will never be girly no matter how much you try.

Is there a pair you own that you love to combine with very girly items, like dresses or skirts?
I would say a pair of Jordan 1s can be combined with a dress. Now that I have been introduced to New Balance and have a few pairs, I would say all of them would go great with dresses or skirts.

 What do you think about sneaker wedges? 
 Love them! Now these are def feminine sneakers! Lol.

Should Brands consider women more, as a potential customer for sneakers? 
I think now that designer brands have jumped on the bandwagon of sneakers, women will receive more attention in the sneakers department. I doubt about brands like Jordan and Nike SBs will significant change but they do show us love from time to time.

In your opinion, which pair of shoes should every woman have in her collection? 
A collection should consist of a variety, so a flat shoe, a wedge shoe, a shoe with a heel and a boot style shoe and of course a sneaker or tennis shoe or running shoe.

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