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All about my Collection

I've had a conversation with my Baller Mind Frame editor a few days ago. He's an authot amd photographer for sports and lifestyle and writes for Bleacherreport, ESPN  and so on.  When him and I talk, we often brainstorm about how to make a brand out of me, and what I want to stand for, as a brand. It's about to reach as many people as possible through my work. This is why I for example write for BMF. My work for them evolves about my personal opinion about products and I'm supposed to write that down, in an argumented way of course. So, at one point I've just told him:"What is this whole BS supposed to be? Why does a person need 200 pairs of shoes? For what? No one does. And why do people every shoe that's hyped up by the blogs? I don't feel like writing about overpriced product that lack quality."
Since I've started interning in print, at a magazine, I've noticed what most of the blogs really do. They go crazy about rumors until a hype is created. As opposed to it, print media gets the insight about the upcoming stuff from brands. It's not because print is more high quality, but because brands work with magazines. Brands put their advertising in magazines and so on.  What blogs do is push out marketing as news all day, create a hype, and sell the products. Blogs have become salesman, while they used to be one who would give the cusomer the honest opinion about a product. They make teenagers feel like they need to add this other pair to their collection. It has happened that priorities have totally shifted. So nowadays everybody looks fly, but what are you going to do if you are a student and only have a job on the side. Heat if you get hungry at the end of the month and can't afford food? Will you cook some Jordan 7 Hare with some fries on the side?