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Interview with a reseller - Kiwan founder of Approved Sneakers

Ich habe für Euch ein Interview mit einem Reseller geführt. Kiwan veranstaltet selber Sneakerevents und hat im Vergleich zu anderen Resellern immer sehr humane Preise. 

Lest also das Interview auf Englisch:     

Hi Kiwan, would you like to introduce yourself? 

Hi my name online is CoolKiwan and I started as a collector many years ago. Just a couple of years ago I started my own brand called Approved Sneakers, we buy sell trade sneakers and we develop concepts and events. Last year our first Event: Approved Sneakers Market was a great success, this march was our second event and many will follow. Why? Because we love Sneakers ....check out what we do on social media channels. Loads of stuff is coming.

Of course you are a sneakerhead  too and not only a reseller. So, what's your favourite shoe ever?

Collector always first... And my favourite shoe has to be the Jordan 1 Breds. That's what started it all. I think for many people who grew up in the 80's this is THE sneaker which started the game. No more words necessary.

With which shoe have you actually started your collection?

Well my collection has been started and restarted many times; sold and bought, sold and bought. Tired of the game and started again. but the very first pair that I've bought on my own, was the Nike Air Epic wmns, grey with pink and 3M. I worked all summer to buy an Air Max 90; but then it was sold out. I saw the Epic and was instantly hooked; it was the first pair I cleaned every night before bed time.

When and how have you started reselling shoes?

It has started with being  tired of having so many shoes, so I started to unload once in a while. Many friends told me that I should sell on marketplaces and go to events. So as I did, the interaction with other Sneakerheads got me more and more into getting the Sneakers that people were looking for. It really is like a sport to hunt down those grails; once found, the fun is over for me. So I sell those pairs and hunt again. That's how it started.

What I appreciate about you is that, your pricing is reasonable compared to other resellers. How come? Is it okay for you to make less money off of it than others or do you have a connect that makes it possible?

It's like I said: Hunting  those grails for a good price and selling them again to hunt some more. Mainly why people would rather sell to me rather than somebody else, I guess, is the passion for the game and because I am a collector first and a seller second. But still many think that any price over retail is too much. Sneakers are a luxury good and reselling is like providing a service. I can get those sneakers, other people can't get. So they pay a little extra for me to get it for them. Something like that.

What shoe has been the most difficult to resell?

There are many models that are harder to sell than others, but its all about knowing what's hot or not. Not what's hyped, because then you need to move fast. I always take it slow and see what happens. I can sit on releases for many years until they are all dried up and I pop out a few. It's in the faults I always say.

Ebay and other sites are full of resellers. Can you feel a competition or do you think that everyone gets a piece of the cake?

It has and will always be a business and there are many flippers/resellers, to each their own. The fun part is going to all these European events. Many sellers know each other and have become sort of family and I'm proud to be part of that. What happens online is a totally different story. Anybody can buy a hype shoe and put it on the market with 100% profit, but it's about the part when it's not selling. Then their price will drop rapidly. Sometimes even lower than retail just to get their expense back. Many sellers will eventually give up after that. It's just not as easy as it looks, for sure.

Do you more like the internet selling or do you enjoy the events?

Events are the ultimate place to meet up with your friends, hangout, buy some, sell some, to me. Talk, talk a lot. The main reason for me to start my own event was this feelgood feeling of having a place/platform to come together, not behind your computer screen or smartphone, but in real life. It's so much more fun. So Approved Sneakers Market always has this as main priority. To give people that feelgood feeling. Furthermore, I like to break open the community to a larger

audience,  because everybody likes the sexiness of sneakers, as a way of life, but cannot get in because online it's such a closed community. With ASM we try to open this up a little bit for a larger group of people.

Do the many restocks happening these past few years make it more difficult for you,  or has nothing changed?

Everything changes every day. It changes with  restocks or prices going up and more people flooding the reseller game but it's all good, you have to try to be on top of things and be flexible. At the end of the day, that exclusive pair is still just that, there are just more of them. But again, I do it for fun and something I feel passionate about. I get to work with sneakers 24/7. What's not to like about it?

How do you think will reselling change in the future?

It changes constantly, so you just have to keep up with the pace and the bubble might or might not burst, we will see. The fun thing about this and many other things is that it all comes back around again. I come from the music business and have seen it dying many deaths, but it survives no matter what. Same is applicable on on the sneakergame as a lifestyle. It will never go away; as long as people have taste and freedom of choice, people want to stand out in the crowd. We say it with sneakers, others say it with music etc.