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I Miss The Old Kanye

I'm not sure, if it has to do with my overly underwhelmed opinion on the latest album, or if it's about me in general. Maybe it's because I just can't identify myself with him anymore, but I have to say, that I miss the old Kanye. By that, I don't mean the pre-MAGA hat Kanye, and I'm not talking about the College Dropout Kanye either but I'm talking about the crazy Kanye. The man who was cool with putting his whole career on the line for the sake of speaking his mind. Don't get me wrong, I don't sympathize with anybody, who'd stand behind Donald Trump, his beliefs or has just a hint of his mindset. I would never ever not condone and will always dislike racism, this is how I was raised and this is how what I truly believe in. I think every person in this world should be treated equally. Young, old, rich, poor, homosexual, heterosexual and so on. I divide the people into two groups: there are dicks and there are non-dicks and even then I still bel…
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Drake & Piera – Hate & Love

It's amazing how love and hate can be so extremely close to each other. I have many relationships like these. I am a person of extremes. There is nothing mediocre about my life, my feelings or my mindset. I appreciate lows because they make me feel alive and ups because of the comfort they make me feel. It has always been fascinating to me to interfere with the most different type of people. Watch them move, get an insight into their thoughts and opinions. Funny how the person who's been in my life for the longest, outside of my family is incredibly stable. He has had his 9 to 5 ever since he left school, has his shit together, lives a cool life, which is very different to mine. Yet we've still respected each other. We still have the best talks and I appreciate the time we spend together. His background is far from what he is now, but very similar to mine. Both our set of parents have a very politically active past and his mom is still fighting. Just like my people. Commu…

How to Make Your Life Easier

About 8 months ago I've re-started freelancing. Means, I've quit my latest job to be my own boss, again. Life has been good to me ever since. I have the freedom I need and have been working on very dope projects.
When I've started working in marketing, I was a newbie, yet I immediately got quite a good position and I've realized that I had a talent for what I was doing. My former boss agreed and ended up supporting me and teaching me a lot of things but also let me operate on my own responsibility. All he gave me were some key facts and budget and let me go from there. I'm very thankful for the trust he gave me and the fact that he saw my potential gave me the self-confidence I needed to make decisions and focus on the result. I've also learned what was important when it comes to building a brand and it somehow clicked. My whole perception changed and I've started to see the strategies behind campaigns, brand activations and so on. Being a consumer myself m…

How to Become a Superstar

Before I got into sneakers, I've started being into music, especially everything hip hop and "urban" and even had a couple of jobs in that type of industry. But nothing crazy - chill. I'm not an A&R, I'm not affiliated to any type of label, so please stay away from sending me you soundcloud, spotify, mixtape etc. I won't be able to help you for shit. But in case you have ambitions in becoming some type of artist, don't ever forget the marketing. Your image can be the most important thing about you and can cause you big success or the exact opposite. There are artists who have hits and singles that work but never break through because everything but their music is not on point. Artists who have enough talent to create their own lane but prefer to chase trends and make commercial sounding music instead, because they finally need a successful record. Trust me, I get it and I won't knock anyone's hustle, but when do you finally start thinking like…

Homage to Kanye West – A Train of Thought

Sometimes, late at night, I can be very creative and thoughtful. It seems like all of a sudden everything including its cause is so clear. If you and I have a real relationship you have probably received some late night texts from me, that can be good or bad – depends on our vibe. Often I suddenly understand the type of relationship somebody and I have and finally find the code to something that can be very hard for me – human interaction.
I'm an analytical person, yet I'm very emotional when something sparks my fire. I get protective and I fight for the person and I try my best to make the other person feel better. I'll cheer them up, show them their strengths and make them recognize them.
On other nights, my thoughts don't affect me at all. I analyze any type of things: marketing campaigns, marketing moves, how companies work. Any type of stuff. I'm interested in quite a bunch of things without being a nerd about it. It appeals to me tho.
Tonight it's Kanye W…

maybe yes, maybe nah


a whole lotta time has passed and I still know the password to this quite cheap looking site which doesn't even have a real domain.
But honestly? Does anyone actually care how things look, when it's about reading what was written there?
I don't really think so. I mean pictures with cool content but shitty quality are enjoyed, too. Right?

Well, looks like I will get back to writing a bit more. Or at least more often. Looks like... we don't know. Everyone knows how moody I am and how I change my mind quite often often when it comes to everything but work. Sure I’ve changed quite a couple employers throughout the past and now I‘m freelancing again. But the thing is, every step I’ve made was an upgrade. From being in a better professional position to establish myself and my own “brand”. I’ve started as an intern, became an online & print editor, then got an offer for a position in PR of two relevant retailers. Took my decision to leave because things were changing …

Realest Shit I Ever Wrote

Everyone who knows me knows that I usually don’t talk a lot about my struggles. Yeah I’ve been through things, how everyone has. Nothing crazy. Everyone has his little package to carry and while sometimes it might be easier it can be very hard when further things happen and you just feel like you are suffocating. You feel like all of the energy you had is empty. Not knowing what to do first. Or even worse: you can’t change anything about it. The lost of control is something so uncomfortable to me, that it kills my focus. Everything is under control, my job, my life in general. But there’s one thing I can’t  change. This messes with my head a lot. It’s like a virus which destructs my hard drive. Little by little. Day by day. In the past I’ve been removing everything that bothers me. Always. Often I’ve seemed very cold or anti social. But that’s a wrong assessment of my Charakter. I’m not cold and I like to be with people - who care just as much as I do. When there’s not full reciprocit…